Vo-ca-bu-la-ry - Exposing the Rite

YEAR: 2009- 2010 I MATERIAL: DV-film I DUR: 26:30 min

Vo-ca-bu-la-ry – Exposing the rite is a film based on the documentation of the extented sculptural-peformative piece Vo-ca-bu-la-ry a kind of manifesto over the rights to a pre-linguistical language, displaying the effects of reality and fiction.

Vo-ca-bu-la-ry bends over the invisible contract between the artist and her audience, the artwork and the initial Birth of the Artpiece. One could see the chaotic composition as part of the creators process, which at some point can be scattered to pieces as well as the titel itself.
A performative and sculptural manifesto about the unique vocabulary born within the Creation of Art itself, allowing a communication beyond preconceived ideas, logic and reason. Vo-ca-bu-la-ry is the expression of a language that is always present, but not always heard. The performance is staged as a companion to Cederqvist's recent sculptural installation of the same title.