Exhibitions & performances


Jan 22 - March 13
Aaa-oou-umm at Taverna Brillo, Stockholm

Jan - July
Artist-in-Residence at Gustavsbergs Konsthall

May 29 - July 4
Solo, Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

May 29 - Sep 26
Borås Art Biennale Deep Listening for Longing, Borås, Sweden 

June 3 - June 6
Materialities, Weld, Stockholm

Aug 28 - Nov 28
Symbiosis, Färgfabriken, Stockholm

Sep 18 - 
Lars Palm, Sandviken 

& more to be announced!


Jan - August 
Astrid Holm & co at Kunsthal Rønnebæcksholm, Denmark 

Feb - March (August)
Artist in residence at Open Studio at Färgfabriken

Lecture In the Shadow of a Doubt at HDK in Gothenburg 

Aug 21 - Oct 18
INVITERT N˚3: Åsa Cederqvist & Hanne Friis at KRAFT Bergen, Norway

Sep 12 - Sep 13
Tomrummets Potential (The Potential of the Void) - a commissoned temporary work for Stockholm Konst

Sept 17 - Sept 27
Mama Dada Gaga screens at Videograms at Kaunas International Film festival, Lituania

Oct 1 - Oct 18
(smiling) faces at Barklund & co, Stockholm

Oct 22 - Oct 24
Holi Biont - a collaboration with Janna Holmsted, will hold a session as part of the conference Alliances and Commonalities at Uniarts in Stockholm

Nov 5 - Nov 8
Mama Dada Gaga screens at
VAFT film festival, Turku, Finland

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The dutch based magazine Current Obsession came to visit my studio September 2020: