photo: Cassie Abraham @saltyjugs

photo: Cassie Abraham @saltyjugs


Åsa Cederqvist (b.1975) received her MFA at Konstfack in 2000. Her work has a performative foundation and is expressed through video, sculpture, installation and performative add-ons, so called extensions, as well as in an interface incorporating all these elements.

Åsa Cederqvist work with film, installation, sculpture and performance, in an interface between fiction –- documentation, haptic –- conceptual, ambigious - rational. Åsa continue to build works with a specific personal mythology from the interest in therapeutical methods, behavioural science and collaborative processes. Her work moves between documentary field studies, staged live performances, physical interaction, which all aim to push the expectations of formats, aestetical hierarchies and modes of expression.

„Through the act of playing, and study of knowledge production, personal growth, behavioral science and the use of expectations and suspense, my on-going practice if set to manifest the importance of physical understanding and a non-rational and multi-layered communication. Inherent lies the investigation of everyday magic, meaning making, spatial drama and co-creative processes.

For the past five years, Åsa’s artistic practice has focused on the conditions and opportunities of the act of playing, and how to engage in uncontrolled situations, new materials and approaches. A result from this is the work Mama Dada Gaga which portrays three generations of women in a multi-disciplinary work, and also the exhibition Some Kind of Metabolism at Katrineholms Konsthall in 2018. Her ongoing work investigates a plastic reality in between everyday occurrences and materials and a virtual and ephemeral world.

Åsa Cederqvist has a background as a director of commercials and music videos (2004–), as an artistic director in multiple art educational projects as well as senior lecturer in art at Textil, Konstfack (2010–2020). In 2016-17 she received the IASPIS residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. She was one of the participating artists at the MOMENTUM 10 biennale in Norway 2019.



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