The Source 

YEAR: 2021 I MATERIAL: HD film shown projection mapped in installation I DUR: 15:30 min 

Direction, vision and editing by Åsa Cederqvist | Filmed sequences by Åsa Cederqvist, Christian Edgren together with footage from iStock | Sounds and music from by Jordan Powell / Erokia, Felix Blume, licensed under Creative Commons | Technical support by David Giese

The Source, 2021
still from film

Freshwater is essential for our survival, yet little is being done to protect this wealth. The infrastructures built to coordinate this has become obsolete. In this work we encounter the powers and moods of water. We see the meteorite that struck our planet, a drop that creates waves, tsunami waves that sweep entire cities, the steam that moves across the rainforests, the soothing glisten of the surface, the fresh drinkable water, the ice in the permafrost and a teardrop that runs down a cheek.

The Source is a meeting place, a place for reverence, reflection and spirituality. Give yourself time to be still, to be the water, to see the waters, to listen to the water spirit’s message; We are the water, we are all the water there is.

Installation view exhibition Symbiosis, Färgfabriken 2021

The Source, 2021
stills from film