The Rotten and the Candid (decomposition) 

YEAR: 2008 I MATERIAL: HD-film + performance I DUR: 3'44"

A filmed performance where Åsa Cederqvist stage a settlement of a claustrophobic agreement with the end of life and cycle of nature. The Rotten and the Candid (decomposition) deals with a persons decay, to step by step get deprived of possibilities to communicate and how that forces one into intellectual and physical reduction, aswell as becoming emotionally stigmatized. The piece also contains a notion of the cycle of the nature and a state of living dead, aswell as a fascination of mud's primitive power.
With this work I wanted to draft a comment on the injustice that women and us who indentify with every other gender than the male, when our lifes takes turns. Also I wanted to face my own fear of being locked out of society, and how easily that actually could happen.

With team: 
Make-up artist Eva von Bahr 
Photographer Jon Hertov

Location Traxton recording
Thanks to Christian Edgren