The Potential Space (II)

YEAR: 2017
WHAT: Presentation at Open Studios at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, July 6, 2017 | MEDIUM: a one-day durational performance setting compromised by mixed media, specially invited guests and improvisation with the audience.

Layton Lachman performing Body Double, playing the Dough

The Potential Space
is an atmosphere, a setting, a situation of possibilities. I found the expression ”potential space” stated by the paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. He says: "Playing takes place in the potential space between the baby and the mother­figure....[T]he initiation of playing is associated with the life experience of the baby who has come to trust the mother figure". I use Winnicott's term for a sense of the inviting and safe interpersonal field in which one can be spontaneously playful while at the same time connected to others, and this is what I also claim to do with this model.

In various settings and frame works I invite the audience to take part and become immersed by and interacted with through the space and the ongoing work and/or performances. The idea is to post something that I, nor the spectator, need any explanation or pre­knowledge about, you don’t need to make any judgements of what you experience. You may just left to “be”.

Invited collaborators: Layton Lachman, Bim Edgren Cederqvist, Cred & Quiltland

Layton Lachmann performing during 
The Potential Space II, July 6th 2017

Åsa performing with Layton Lahmann and Bimsala

Layton Lachmann performing during
The Potential Space II, July 6th 2017