The Expectation, Devotion and the Ambivalence of being penetrated and Born-again 

YEAR: 2010 | MATERIAL: Wowen and filled sculptural textile. Wool, cotton, silk, satin, latex, steel, wood and ropes of nylon | SIZE: approx 120 cm x 100 cm x 250 cm

Produced in cooperation with HV-atelier

With the work The Expectation, Devotion and the Ambivalence of being Penetrated and Born-again, I want to capture the ambivalence of one hand having to live up to the idea of a woman’s desire, and at the same time releasing the inhibitions that hold on to me in the same grip. I want to capture what I find a the “vanity” which comes with in society’s definition of gender. As if it was possible to produce a symbol! We are all unique bodies with different needs, regardless of gender. Can I capture this and at the same time include the pain it causes every time a definition should pierce through a personality and set to hoover over a meeting or experience? At the same time it portraits of a massive longing to just be (?) a body that devotes itself into a collective erotic act out of control. In parallel with this work’s completion, I became pregnant and my body grew and took me to new bodily experiences, which is also wowen into the work’s narrative. Especially the idea of becoming oneself when seeing oneself in the reflection of the mother and then in the mirror.