YEAR: 2021 I MATERIAL: Augmented Reality work, with animation, durational

Submission, 2021

As part of my interest in activating a presence, I’ve developed an app called Amorph Real. Through augmented reality I want to hi-jack a medium people engage with on a daily basis; their smart phones. Being physically here and somewhere else at the same time. I want to activate this in-between realm. 

In my project Mama Dada Gaga (2019) I use pink colored dough as a metaphor for the Material, and that of becoming the material. This body is scanned and extended into the virtual realm in a site specific work presented in the pavilion in Spökparken*. 

During the last years I’ve struggled with exhaustion, and I’ve met some strong bodily sensations that triggered old physical and psychological traumas. I’ve been seeing myself from outside, vulnerable, falling apart, being pushed around, sensing my body as a membrane through where everything must pass. At the same time I’ve built up a desire to submit to a transcendental, elevated and spiritual longing / experience. To rise and become one with something “larger” than oneself.

In Submission we see a falling body. A body that is slowed down in it’s fall. All living inhabitants on this planet are in fact always drawn down, pressed down by the force of gravity. In a more metaphorical sense our bodies’ elasticity and energy do also fall down, little by little, each day. And we are submitted to this cycle.

* The Ghost park. The pavilion was built in 1700’s when the large mansion and garden was built. Created as a gazebo, it has served other purposes over the years. It was originally built with two floors, and in a renovation in 1800’s they uncovered a wall painting placed high up. The painting depicts a man with hat sitting on a privy, with the door open. In his hand the man holds a note with the Latin text CITO CITISSI ME, which means "Fast, very fast".

, 2021