YEAR: 1998-2006

The collaborative punk - electro-pop band (revlon nine, revlon 9, Revl9n) was one of my main aestetic output during 1998-2006. This was in a time with homeburned CDs, before platforms like My Space, Soundcloud, but also after times where fanzines and 7” vinyl made up indie bands major distribution. 

Founded in 1998 by Maria Eilersen, Vejde Gustafsson and Åsa Cederqvist Revl9n started with guitars, organ, drummachine / and or drum setting. As a trio they made two 7” vinyl with each three song released. When Nandor Hegedüs joined the band in 2000 they started to play with programs like Fruity Loops and started use the computer as a rythm section.

The last trios releases include the 2006 album "Revl9n" (published by Because / Wagram Music), which includes the videos for the singles "Someone Like You", "Walking Machine" and "United" as bonus content. The single "Walking Machine" features remixes by Hot Chip and SebastiAn.

Spotify (sorry about the sound quality)


Revl9n in 2004 (photo by Fredrik Skogqvist)

Revl9n 2005 (photo by Fredrik Skogqvist)

Revl9n in 2006 (photo by Pierre Björk)
Revl9n, still from music video United, 2005
(directed by Åsa Cederqvist, cinematographer Jo Eken Torp)