The Material, The Genius and the invisible Contract*

YEAR: 2012 I MATERIAL: Artist book in swedish I SIZE: 228 pages I EDITION: 700 

*Materialet, Geniet och det osynliga Kontraktet (original title in Swedish) is a book that through dialogues, portrait Cederqvist's artistic work before 2012. The material is based on conversations between Åsa Cederqvist and Sinziana Ravini, Camilla Larsson, Magnus Lundqvist, Vanja Hermele, Lisa Holmqvist, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Studio SM, which took place in 2011 - 2012. The result is a collectivly created artist portrait, under construction, and an insight into the work of Åsa Cederqvist.

The book is a first part of an ongoing performative project where I make available my work in new ways, in another, unorthodox vocabulary. By hanging out my thoughts and letting the search for words take form, this project aims to clarify the risks that creative work always entails, as well as I hope to highlight the often wordless language that my works speak through.

Graphic form Studio SM
Editors Åsa Cederqvist, Studio SM
Studio photos Märta Thisner
Edition 700 copies
Scope 228 pages
Language Swedish
Publishing Åsa Cederqvist

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