Marbled Fantasy

YEAR: 2008
MATERIAL: film dv-pal DURATION: 4:46 min 

A commisoned work in collaboration with the fashion label The Local Firm. In a layered narrative, the film explores an inner psycological journey in a state between repetition and a subconsious. In, the at a first sight, simple, choreography unfolds an erotically scented game, where those involved seem through performing this repetative formula collectivly reach for a complete merging into another person.

An experimental short that explores a world between repetition and subconsiousness. A moment repeated over and over again. Or was it just the oily marbled pattern that made my thoughts fly away? It starts and ends lying down, eyes fixed on the ceiling and  a sort of game takes off.

The film is a result of a collaboration between Åsa Cederqvist and The Local Firm, where Åsa uses TLF as a reference point, and Åsa took it freely and made it into a blend of an artfilm, fashion/ image film and music promo.