Mama Dada Gaga - spatial version

YEAR: 2019
WHAT: Mama Dada Gaga as part of the biennale Momentum 10, Moss I MATERIAL: HD-film, various sculptures made of digital printed textile, rubber foam, wig, wood, iron, placed in a mixed media installation with sand, wood, digital print on paper and ropes DUR: 32:25 min + two screens with varied runtime I SIZE: site specific

Mama Dada Gaga - spatial version, detail installation view
Momentum 10 - The Emotional exhibition, Moss, Norway
(curated by Marti Manen and Anne Klontz)

Inspired by the script of life, the film Mama Dada Gaga alternates between play and reality. As the title suggests, the words allude to the first sounds babies make when they learn to speak and relate to Åsa's interest in the language of art and how it can be accessible, used and understood. For Momentum10, the film is part of an installation defining a potential state of change where unconditional love, trust and playfulness is at the core. The film jumps unpredictably between past, present and future selves and is performed by the artist herself, her daughter and her mother. The interplay between scripted and improvised moments bring forth conversations about vulnerability and becoming parallel roles; that of the artist, mother, daughter and partner.

For Momentum 10, the film is presented on one main screen, and two monitors with 5 mins and 15 mins extra material. In the spatial installation there is sand dunes made from set-design like standing images and real sand. Sculptures/ objects present are: The Swing, The Self-sacrificing Mother, The Pancake, Eyebrow Chic, Limbic Pleasure, Comb (E), The Wart, Sensing Touch (Morphé II), Pancake (Morphé III-VI), The Meta-bolism, The Stimulating Creature II, Scream: The Fruitings of Life, The Immersion Plate, Body Double I, Levitation (Morphé I), 2016-2019

The Swing, The Self-Sacrificing Mother