Lost in Echoes 

YEAR: 2006-2007 | MATERIAL: DV cam transferred onto DVD, process and pedagogical commitment | DURATION: 8:27 mins

The project 163 04/ (referring to the postal code) was a three year challenging pedagogical and creative project betweeen Tensta Art Center, Konst2, Tensta High School and Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Throughout this project's first year I was artistic mentor together with Samir Alj Fält, setting the high standards.

The film Lost in Echoes is the result of our longest running workshop. We started backwards and firstly recorded sounds for a soundtrack for the coming film. After a three hour session in a studio, we had a producer and technician to create a soundtrack out of our various "noises". The final score was then used as a foundation on which to write the script, catching all visual ideas we could and placed it onto paper. From that script a proper film pre-production started with all it's contents; casting, setdesign, clothes, character description, location and rehearsals. Locations were intentionally chosen in the environment around the schools and Tensta Art Center. As an end result we travelled with the whole group of students to show the finished film at the Venice Biennale 07.

In this year our students/ collaborative artists were: Selcuk Cigel, Rabi El Mardini, Sarah Dayan, Farinaz Friezade, Joakim Forsgren, Gabriella Gerges, Shamiram Haido, Hawnaz Kadir, Sedat Köyluoglu, Monika Mastafa, Sara Monshizadeh, Magdalena Naziropoulou, Otim Ocora, Anna Odell, Shirin Raouf, Seher Talayhan and Elisa Touma.