Inside Out 

YEAR: 2007
MATERIAL: Mirrors, table design, roof sculptures, chandelier, painting, treehouse, textile work, carpets, curtains, light design
SIZE: 2 rooms, approx 130 m2 


Konst2 (Rodrigo Mallea Lira, Ylva Ogland and Jelena Rundquist directors of Tensta Konsthall 2004-2008) invited Åsa Cederqvist to make a permanent interior installation at Tensta Konsthall. She created an installation in two rooms that functions as office, archive, projectroom and library and relax (the wooden house). Named Inside Out as in turning oneself inside out. The design aim to a state of using a blend of the subconsious, irrational sides and the logical, communicative sides of brain. It is the visualisation of the artist's take on the Art Center's operation as an institution and she's created a transparency towards the public areas. The office has become a passage between the private and the public and in an inner room she has created a sort of “fantasy cave for the subconsious”. Throughout there is also a vision of The Artist "throwing out", as there are forms of paint thrown everywhere; in the forms of the tables, mirrors, to the paint on the walls and in the cutting of the carpets.

"... Her latest project in Tensta Konsthall, "Inside Out" she has created a new office space in the Art Center. In "Inside Out" the office has become a passage between the public space, and the archives, and operating spaces of the Art Center. She has in this new space created a "fantasy room for the subconscious". Everything in this permanent installation is tied together by mirror reflections and bouncing light. With this work Åsa Cederqvist continues a pragmatic and pratique discussion at Tensta Konsthall about the institution and it's roles and functions. Åsa Cederqvist conceives herself sometimes as some kind of graffitiartist who takes over a space with fabrics, mirrors, paint, with her voice or anything that she finds suitable...." - Rodrigo Mallea Lira, March 2007

Inside Out, office area

Inside Out, office area, seen from inside

Inside Out, roof detail in office area

Inside Out, entering the back room

Inside Out, detail of large mirror inside the back room

Inside Out, tree house in the back room

Inside Out, detail of large mirror piece in back room

Inside Out, press clipping from RUM