YEAR: 2023 
MATERIAL: AR-experience, run time 15-20 min
Soundtrack and mix by Martin Mighetto. Programming and AR development by Untold garden.

Giga-annum is an interactive artwork that explores the exhaustion of our planet and our relationship to nature, specifically water. The movements and appearance of the malleable water spirit are influenced by publicly available water data from the location where the visitor is situated.

Giga-annum, as shown on the island Stora Karlsö

ABOUT: In this work you will meet with the Water spirit. The artwork explores the parallel between an increasingly exhausted humanity and a depleted planet: Have we forgotten that we too are nature? What happens to us when we no longer have access to our creativity and playfulness, and when our planet is no longer livable? In Giga-annum, we get a glimpse of nature's own voice and the power of the wilderness that exists both in nature and within us. The titel Giga-annum is referring to the use of the abbreviations Gya or bya as for "billion years ago", i.e. billion years before present, as in how long life have existed on this planet. Giga-annum may be experienced as a narrative in collage form, or as a guided meditation and space for reflection. It's said that water is nature's medium for communicating with humanity. It’s time we start to listen: "We are the water, we are all the water there is".

Giga-annum is connected to open APIs for water data that are used to adapt the experience and change the artwork based on data information in the location of the visitor.

Commissioned by Ulrika Flink and Untold garden for the exhibition Vävda rum [Woven spaces] initiated by the National Association of Swedish Art Societies and funded by the Swedish Postcode Foundation. 

The exhibition Vävda rum is open until september 30th 2023 all over Sweden. Download the app Vävda rum and find you nearest location here.

Giga-annum, as shown in Hökarängen

Giga-annum, as shown in Hökarängen

Giga-annum, as shown in Hökarängen