(Circular) System

YEAR: 2021 I MATERIAL: 3D rendered animation, 1:24 min loop

Still from film

(Circular) System, 2021
installation view in exhibtion imMaterialities
at WELD-Magnethuset-Spökparken

This last year I’ve been looking at extending various bodily choreographies and movements that I’ve been working with over the last years; The Leap, The Falling, Crawling, that each one represent different emotional states. In my project Mama Dada Gaga (2019) I use pink colored dough as a metaphor for the Material, and that of becoming the material. The material became a texture on a textile suit that was scanned and extended into the virtual realm, moving beyond its origin.

To me the body is just another material. I’m interested in the fact that we are littering the world, both materially and mentally. Are the remains of our beings just the material waste, decomposed with other particles in of the earth? We are all part of managing and upholding a system, which is sometimes oppressive, sometimes a glide.