Civilization - The Pleasure Principle

YEAR: 2013 | MATERIAL: HD-film, aspect 16:9, color film | DUR: 10 min

Throughout the ongoing flow and never cessation of liquids and filthy dirty surfaces bred a kind of trance, which takes us beyond logic and reason. Suddenly we see only a flow of different smudges, blasted rock walls, solitary plants representing a luxuriant nature, a pumping, one upside down, one in and out. Where am I? The footage and the music moves us to a place beyond space and time, it's real, but clearly a different sort of reality.

In Civilization - The Pleasure Principle hypnotic prone pictures emerges from the actual dirt we throw away from us through well-developed sewage treatment systems we are taking for granted. It’s filmed in and around waste water treatment plants. Layers of social criticism are intertwined with a fascination for our contemporary’s abilities of denial and utter waste. This work deals with purity and danger, pleasure and pain and where to draw the line between those. Its also unfolding an unawareness most of us live under, where we thoughtlessly produce dirt and expect pure and drinkable water in a tap everywhere.

Installation view, gallery Wetterling 2013
Stills from film
Installation view Bomuldsfabriken 2013