The Quest for Presence

YEAR: 2013 | MATERIAL: HD-film in installation, a pierced/broken plaster wall with smoke machine | DUR: 18:55


The Quest for Presence is originally shown as diptych, where the film stands in dialogue with a large pierced broken wall. A thin layer of smoke and dust from the pierced wall emphasize the sensation of a kind of zeroed state, a kind of past and present at the same time.

A group of strangers meet and for a moment they unify and transcend into a common materia. The price is to leave the norm as you know it and let go, if only for a moment. It’s about suspence in both a material and a dramatical sense.

This work revolve around breakthrough and purification, complexity of man, and a place where time stops to exist. Inspired by movements of trance dance, this piece is meant to portray a state of transition and spirituality, and with that also highlight that the possibility to achieve a feeling of total and complete presence only appears if you allow to lay bare yourself. And let loose of expectations.
Installation view at Bomuldsfabriken 2013. Photo Maja Flink