The Cabinet

YEAR: 2011 | MATERIAL: Five channel videoinstallation, plus a theaterversion | DUR: Place of Origin 12 mins, Play 4 mins, Messy 10 mins, Creation of the Object 5 mins, Cabinet 2 mins

The Cabinet revolves around creation, both in a material, physical and mental transformation. It depicts a pre-(or after) the linguistical language.

The Cabinet is a political work, which revolves around when a work takes shape and depicts the origin, perception and communication. Throught the film's cabinet we travel into a common internal space that unites us in an original creative source - a kind of birth of the Artpiece.

The Cabinet depicts emotional dilemmas. A place we all know from different places in life. These psychological states or room together form a metaphor of how things can work in a creative process, but also other transformations that can occur in relationships, growing up etc.. A sense of chaos and hybridity in which everything is mixed together and where the various components is not separable. You are lost in the feeling.
Installation view (2013) group exhibition Sindrome at La Capella, Barcelona