March 8th, 2017 [from my Facebook post]

I'm proud of being a woman. After about 40 years I've learned to be happy with all the physical and mental shifts that comes with it. But the POWERS OF THE WORLD still sucks, and we must keep fighting them (=also within us). Use our voices and make ourselves heard.

Equality NOW!!
For all
A - L - L

Start by listen and make yourself used to other kinds of world views. Step outside of your comfort zones, at least once a day! Why not raise the salaries on jobs that are maintaining our societies health and education? Why not make it a pride to support a woman or Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Questioning person? Why not make it a pride for a man to cry (in private AND publicly)? Start with your friends and lift your head up, you might see something new!

Kärlek!/ Åsa