YEAR: 2009 | MATERIAL: Fabric, wood, ropes, yarn, fillingfoam, latex, etc |
SIZE: approx. 25 m3 | DUR: approx 20 mins

Vo-ca-bu-la-ry is somehow a composititon of how my artistic process looks like.

In an appearance that hover between the extremes, I would, with this work like to, portray a society's Backside and the right to various kinds of vocabulary, as well as comment on the invisible materia exsist between the artist, the work of art and it’s audience when a work of art is concieved/ published.

I want to flipp the inside out of prevailing values of knowledge and comment the importance of a language beyond the written word. I want to portray a language that is not always heard, but which arise in a movement or within a personal meeting. That which is there all the time but often put aside.

How knowledge can assess a person's accomplishments and how guilt, desire and direct emotions generally are valued low. May overflowing emotions be dangerous to society?