Throw Up;

YEAR: 2004- | MATERIAL: Glass, various fabric, nylonrope, latex, plasticbags, yarn, cardboard, filling foam, cerenit clay, pearls, wood, etc. | SIZE: varies

A collection of work with it's origin in a project and method called Throw Up. The method came out of a self-examination and developed into a work technique with it's concentration on process and flow. The idea is to work on an intuitive level, focus on keeping to a direct and emotional means of expression all the way and let every choice almost get thrown out for a stronger precence. The result is a cocktail of charged subjects as desire, fear, decadance and adundance, captured in a hybrid of playfulness and sincere desperation. Creating a hybrid world with it's own values for the spectator to enter.
Women, Unleash the Fleashy!!!, 2008
Delightful Disgust, 2008
June 12th 2004 (Just another psycotic boyfriend), 2008
Femme sort de l'ombre, 2007
Throw Up - collected works, at ak28, 2008