The Shit comes from Within III

YEAR: 2006-2008 | MATERIAL: fabric, wood, latex, well, nylonrope, plastic, newspapers + performance
SIZE/DURATION: approx 100m2, according to space 100m2/25 mins | LINK:

The Shit comes from Within reflects upon a creator's creative dilemma, the Story of the Creation and places a critique over existing values of intellect versus practice in today's culture.

Like a freeze-frame from a potential film out of life, the installation build on a feel where everything is balancing on a thin line. A captured moment of an emotional state when life's put to an extreme, about loosing control, when things pour over or when one shit in one's pants. The performance part serves as an extension of the piece where the artist transform over genres, coming from dirt and her turning into a well moulded entertainer.
The Shit comes from Within III, documentation from Tell a friend! at Bonniers Konsthall, 2008