YEAR: 2006 | MATERIAL: Mixed media, sound, performance | DURATION/SIZE: 10h/25 m2

Transformance (transformation + performance) I label work with focus on the process and the use of an invisible artistic media. It could also be described as a transformation of the atmosphere and rubbish in a blend. I build from zero, I go to the location for the piece with no material to work with. Like a madman I search for material to build stuff off, physical as well as phycological, collecting rubbish and left overs of the location and it’s surroundings. It’s a very intuitive and organic concept. In the end the transformances often combine sound, performance, sculptural and painted work that happens live during sessions of hours. With this concept I want to challenge a traditional way of percieving and making art. It’s like a multilayered twist with expectations and the artist being some kind of magician. The concept also plays with the transformation of cheap and lower kind of material into higher art and acceptance, as well as and a kind of environmental and global economic idea of recycling material and not accepting cultural hierarchies.
Transformance; Treasures. Documentation from Lilith Performance Studio, Malm, 2006