Vardagens revolution/ The Everyday revolution

YEAR: 2009 | MATERIAL: handmade flag, mixed fabric, wood and paint | SIZE: 120 x 192 cm

Original swedish title: Vardagens revolution - Tankar om sadism och maktmissbruk. SLÄPP KONSTEN FRI, DEN ÄR VÅR!

The piece is a comment in the current debate about art and the artist's role in society as a whole. Through this work I want to show my opposition to how I think the society's power elite and the people as a mass are trying to counterattack Art into preppy/"finished rooms" - when art's real function is to be in places where no one else is standing, a little beside, a little above, some from below; everywhere, some inside, some uncensored and crosswise. And even more so in alliance with the only truly itself, outside of a direct commercial advantage.

The title also allows free association to the movie Släpp fångarne loss, det är vår! the beloved Tage Danielsson, which in turn borrowed the name from Birger Sjöberg's song of the same name. The film was a post in the 1970s debate on the liberalization of probation.
The Everyday revolution - thoughts about Sadism and the abuse of Power. UNLEASH THE ART, IT BELONGS TO US!