The Park of Reasons

YEAR: 1998 | MATERIAL: Yarn, mirror, acrylic paint, fan, vinyl and wood, stage lights and sound controlled by tracks macintosh | SIZE: 30 m3 | DURATION: 18 mins

Reoccuring in The Park of Reasons is the paradise I used to have as motif in my earlier black and white paintings. I am interested in a paradise, which is unknown and dark; a place made of expectations that appears in dreams. The Park of Reasons is a kind of "dream play". During the creation of this piece, I berid myself of logical thinking, writing the script in automatic writing, not censoring a single time and leaving an awkward first draft flavour. Throughout the productions eighteen minute duration the stage light changes in sync with the dialogue and other sounds. The piece shifts between four different thematic scenes: fantasy, horror, sex and musical. It's almost like a film set going on by itself, where the objects become the actors and the spectators are standing in the middle of the set. The Park of Reasons is a part of the world created for my objects to live and exist within. The objects are given identity and character; hence I give them names. In this production the objects are; Throw up in the bush, Sun, Troll, Waterfalls, Blue, Fragile, Cave, P. Nice, Two Hearts, Mr. Concrete, Tree, Sad Rivers, Jungle and Snowballs. To a background of various sounds, we hear the objects in dialogue with each other and in the musical part even sing. The dialogue describes the characters social dependence of each other.